Have you ever wondered what would happen if there was a crossover between Wayne's World and Sesame Street? Our guess is probably not. But if you just started wondering after reading that sentence, you're in luck. There is an answer.

The beloved children's show Sesame Street once spoofed Wayne's World back in 1995. You can watch a clip of the episode from the 26th season of the show below.

In the episode, Big Bird walks up to Telly as he sings, "Telly's Town, Telly's Town! Music Time! Excellent!" When the bird asks Telly what in the world is going on, Telly replies, "I'm doing my totally amazing, excellent music video show, Telly's Town."

Telly then asks if Big Bird would like to be on the show, which he of course does. The requirements to be on the show, according to Telly, include saying "excellent," "cool" and "hey, dude."

The duo are set to bring out special guests The Four Tuba Guys, who are the "best rock 'n' roll tuba band in the world" (it should be noted they are also the only rock 'n' roll tuba band in the world), when a series of telegrams arrive from Wayne himself (Mike Myers).

Garth also makes an appearance in the episode, but not in the form of original actor Dana Carvey. Instead, he's a little crazy-haired green muppet with thick, black-framed glasses.

The episode doesn't forget to squeeze in some education in addition to all the call backs. Wayne discusses the importance of reading ("without reading, you couldn't read... ingredient labels on your favorite soups"), Furrjam plays a song about not wasting water and Counting Crows (the Sesame Street birds not the band of humans) help with counting.

It's hard to say how children received the Sesame Street skit, but we thought it was totally excellent.

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