What's going on?

Cool Ice Cream Couple
Here in Cheyenne, there are several choices for you to enjoy an ice cream cone. The question really is, do you like soft serve or real ice cream?

I remember running down the street to catch the ide cream truck when I was a kid. How about you? Do you remember running down the street when you were a …
Crazy Lightning Photo
On Thursday evening 7/27, we experienced a late afternoon thunderstorm here in Cheyenne, but in Nebraska, the lightning was a little more severe-and caught on camera.
CFD Funnel Cake
Funnel cakes and carnivals go hand-in-hand. The magic of the Cheyenne Frontier Days funnel cake begins inside the vendor booth to bring sweet delights to all that partake. Check out this cool video of funnel carnival action.
New CFD Rides
There are several new carnival rides this year at Cheyenne Frontier Days. For the adults, there are three new rides. Kids also have three new rides added.
Sports Authority To Close Nationwide
UPDATE: The company denies parts of the story from the Denver Post. Here is their statement...
"At the beginning of the Chapter 11 process, Sports Authority was pursuing two tracks: one track involved a financial restructuring through a standalone Plan of Reorganization, and the other track invo…
Taste Of Home Cooking School Is Rapidly Approaching!
With less than two weeks until the Taste of Home Cooking School coming...do you find yourself scouring recipes? Wandering down the baking aisle? Does this event get your cooking mojo fired up?
It sure got me in the baking mood. Although people may make fun of me because of it, I'm not ashamed to…