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When is it Too Cold to Dress Sexy
A woman in Kazakhstan thought it would be a good idea to wear a mini-skirt and leggings for a night out on the town. Unfortunately the temperature was a little too chilly for her sexy outfit
Winter Car Hacks
If you are looking for ways to make this long winter a little less uncomfortable, here are 5 winter car hacks you need to try.
Mosquitoes in Winter?
Let's face it, one of the BIG perks to winter is not having to worry about those disease carrying suckers. But, with the warmer than normal temperatures, it is not that far fetched.
Easy Redneck Christmas Hacks
Sometimes decorating your home for the holidays can be not only tedious, but also a little too tasteful for your style of living.
When Turkeys Attack
These things have been staring us down with their beady little eyes for hundreds of years. Plotting how they will get their revenge.