Watching ABC news here this morning and there was a story about an old mine that caused a sinkhole under a road in Boulder, CO and guy escapes with truck on side in the hole. 

The Colorado Division of Reclamation Mining and Safety says that it will take months to fix the sinkhole, and that the hole will be temporarily filled until then. While officials work on the sinkhole, drivers will have to maneuver around. This is crazy, the old mines and then the flood might have weakened the roadway.

Lafayette spokeswoman Debbie Wilmot says the man in the SUV told investigators he was driving through what he thought was a pothole when he felt the asphalt suddenly collapse around him. Police stabilized the vehicle long enough for the driver to get out without being injured. The SUV was then towed to safety. Wilmot says the mine, which was shut down 88 years ago, had been filled in. But it appears recent rains caused the fill to erode.