It the ideal time to get rid of the pandemic pounds.

Let's face it, the pandemic was hard. As we work our way out of this pit and into the light, I believe many of us are starting to see the affects of it all. As much as I tried to take care of myself, I still found myself on the couch for hours at a time stuffing my face with chips, ice cream and chocolates. Add in the fast food being dropped off at the house regularly and it's no surprise that we might be a little heavier than we were a year ago.

And who could fault you? This year has been difficult and stress-eating is a real thing. We turned to so many things to make us feel better and to bring us comfort. I don't know about you, but I love good, stick-to-your-bones meals and this past year was filled with them.

Needless to say, a lot of us are in the same boat.

A recent survey by the American Psychiatric Association actually found that 60 percent of Americans have seen an "undesirable weight change" in the pandemic. The leading cause of this weight gain is stress. It has a way of showing up in the worst ways. Stress can keep you from taking care of yourself with lack of sleep, poor food choices, lethargy, etc. It's no wonder that we added some weight to our bodies.

On average, the weight gain was 29 pounds.

Men put on more weight with an average of 37 pounds, while women experienced a 22-pound weight gain. That's a lot of weight and, you know what they say, it's easier to put on than it is to take it off. So, we have our work cut out for us.

Luckily with the arrival of spring and summer right around the corner, I believe it's the perfect time to start chipping away at that weight. According to, spring is a great time to lose weight. Their research says a brighter mood, lower hunger levels, and a greater calorie burn in warmer temperatures, among other factors, can help you slim down. Heck, even AccuWeather agrees saying "losing weight is easier in the summer."

Not to mention, I just feel better when I'm outside. Say it's the vitamin D from the sun or say it's because when I'm outside I'm generally being active, either way it's a cheery, healthy time of year. So just get out there an enjoy yourself. You'd be surprised how a simple walk not only helps you burn some calories in the day, but I have found it boosts my mood, gives me more mental clarity, and stimulates creativity.

In my opinion, all of this leads to greater overall wellness which will, in time, show up on the scale.

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