Winning a tournament title just isn't that easy.

Time is just about up for February which means March Madness is on the horizon. Sure, we have some regular season games and conference tournaments to navigate before the big dance, but it's right around the corner. Before you know it, everyone will be looking for excuses to sneak out of the office to go watch the games even if they hate basketball.

The NCAA Tournament has been around since 1939 and I thought I would be interesting to look at the history of the tourney to see which states hold the most championships among their teams. California leads the way with 15 titles among four different teams. UCLA holds the most titles with 11. The following states include North Carolina with 13 spread out among three teams and Kentucky with 10 divided between two schools.

I was surprised to see that not every state in the union has a title. However, Wyoming does have one title to its name. Our Wyoming Cowboys were able to secure a championship back in 1943 under head coach Everett Shelton. The Pokes defeated Georgetown 46-34 at Madison Square Garden in New York City to bring the title home to the Cowboy State.

It sounds to me like our boys are due for another one.

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