Stuart Franklin, Getty Images
Stuart Franklin, Getty Images

State Health officials have denied a request from Laramie County School District#2 for a waiver from a mask mandate, according to a post on the district website.

A message from the state says Laramie County's overall COVID-19 numbers are still too high for a waiver from the mask mandate.

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The district posted this announcement:

''I have been notified by the Departments of Health that the Masking Variance Request submitted by the School Board to Dr. Harrist has been denied.  The Wyoming Department of Health has established guidelines based on metrics developed by the White House Task Force under the prior administration, which continue to be used by the current administration.  The State and County update transmission rates daily, which can be viewed at, and utilize this data to update each counties’ status weekly.  At this time, Laramie County is still in the yellow zone and does not yet meet the established guidelines.  The county must be in the green for at least two weeks before a waiver variance will be considered.  I have attached the responses from the county and state regarding the variance request submitted."

Superintendent Jon Abrams notified parents of the state order in a phone message on Monday evening. The Laramie County School District #2 Board of Trustees will meet on Wednesday night to discuss the state decision.

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