Wyoming has seven community colleges dotting the state, from Cheyenne to Sheridan. Thousands of students graduate from Wyoming community colleges every year. And according to WalletHub, the Cowboy State's community colleges are some of the best in the nation.

WalletHub recently surveyed the community college systems across the nation and found that Wyoming ranked eighth best in the United States.

WalletHub determined Wyoming's ranking by analyzing each community college in the state and averaging out their scores for affordability, education outcomes, and career outcomes.

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Top Community Colleges in Wyoming

WalletHub also conducted a survey analyzing the top community colleges in each state using the metrics of affordability, education outcomes, and career outcomes.

When examining the community colleges and their metrics, WalletHub broke down each metric into multiple parts.

Cost and Financing

WalletHub examined Wyoming schools' cost of In-State tuition and fees, any free community college options, grants and scholarships offered, availability of student jobs, per-pupil spending, and faculty salary.

Education Outcomes

WalletHub examined first-year retention rate, graduation, student-faculty ratio, and other key factors to determine educational outcomes.

Career Outcomes

WalletHub determined career outcomes by researching student-loan default rates in Wyoming, job salaries after graduation, and how many grads are earning above-average salaries when compared to high school graduates.

After comparing the key metrics found from each community college in Wyoming, three top performers were found. Wyoming's top three colleges are as follows:

1. Casper College with 61.47 points.

2. Northern Wyoming Community College District with 58.66 points.

3. Eastern Wyoming College with 52.39 points.

Comparatively, nearby Colorado ranked 11th for their community college system.

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