Wyoming is improving on financial savviness, according to a recent study. We’re settled in at 14th in the country. That's better than In April of 2016 when we ranked only 18th.

Although Wyoming is #14 overall, it is actually #12 in debt and spending, and #12 in credit rank as well. Unfortunately, Wyoming has the highest percentage of debt among median income, at #50. That means we owe more of our income to bills than most people in the country.

A report from the National Foundation for Credit Counseling showed 42 percent grade themselves “C” on their finances and 60 percent don’t budget.

Wallethub grades each state, some higher than others. Massachusetts is #1 over all others, while their rank in personal savings is #18. Somehow the worst state, Mississippi, #51 ranks #17 in financial literacy.

Congratulations to our neighbor Colorado for being ranked #1 for the least foreclosures, yet Colorado’s high percentage of credit usage is ranked #48. Perhaps the Greenies are charging their way through Cherry Creek.

Click on the map for each state's overall financial savvy.

Source: WalletHub

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