The City of Cheyenne spring cleanup day for Saturday, June 10 afforded us a chance to get rid of an old chair. Thinking I would beat the rush, we got to the transfer station at 6:48am, only to discover a long line of vehicles waiting to get in. Over half an hour later, we presented our BOPU bill and backed up to the pit to offload the chair.

We knew this moment was coming. The chair was in the back of our truck for a week, waiting to go. But until we tossed the chair in the pit, it didn’t occur to me… to check the cushions for anything that may have fallen out of our pockets.

And there it was, now out of reach. I will never know what could be in that chair after years of use.

Would it bug you?

Coop, Townsquare Media
Coop, Townsquare Media

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