As I write this, we've made it to the spring. April is gone and May has started. By this time, you've made a lot of your big plans for the year, right? Or, are you a fly by the seat of your pants kind of person? Just waiting for whatever wills you to do things? I'm not like that at all, I don't think I ever just do things on a whim, so if you're like me, you're also like the first person and you want every detail nailed down early so you can live your life and stare at that calendar until it turns to your vacation.

But, before we have all of that data compiled and resting in our inboxes, where are we going for vacation? Are you a Clark Griswald and planning to take the whole family to Wally-World? Do you like to head to the mountains? How about getting your toes in the sand on a beach somewhere? Or, what about just heading out of the US altogether?

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All of those options are plausible. According to the website Zippia, we all have already made up our minds about where we'd like to go for our next vacation. We're also clumped into a region that also loves to vacation in this place in particular as Montana and Idaho are also in the same camp as Wyoming.

What is Wyoming's favorite place to vacation?

According to the research, Wyomingites love going to Mexico as our favorite travel destination. I totally get that, nice white sandy beaches, drinks by the ocean, I can dig it. If you're wondering where Colorado is going, so we don't bump into them, they're going to Spain. Good.

What do you think? Is Mexico your favorite Summer vacation destination?

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