No, I did not accidentally add a zero to that number.

This year we're all just doing what we can to get by. Whether it's taking on extra work to make ends meet or give our kids access to the iPad more often throughout the day. Not only has that screen saved the sanity of many parents, it's also been a resource for school work and staying connected with friends and family. These are all important things for kids.

However, it may surprise you how much more time they're getting on those devices.

I don't have kids, but I would imagine that kids were already glued to those screens before the pandemic. A recent survey has revealed that kids' screen time jumped 500% in the last few months. With that number it feels like the only time kids are not on a device is when they're sleeping.

It may surprise you how little your kid should be on that light-up brick.

The World Health Organization has some pretty strict recommendations for screen time. If you have an infant, they shouldn't be on those devices at all. If you child is between the ages of one and five, you should limit their time to just one hour a day. Children older than five don't have strict limits, but it's recommended that screen time never get in the way of adequate sleep or physical activity.

Working to get back down to healthy limits may prove difficult after months of excessive screen time. Our brains are pretty malleable and can adapt to new, unhealthy habits pretty easily. It will also be difficult to enforce this if school continues to be online for kids.

Godspeed, parents.

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