Bars in Cheyenne

New Downtown Cheyenne Bar Opens This Weekend
Downtown Cheyenne's most popular coffee shop will be brewing up a different kind of beverage this weekend . After several months of planning, The Paramount Ballroom will officially open for business on Saturday at 1 p.m.
The new bar will occupy the southwest corner of the Majestic Building on 1609 Ca…
Which Cheyenne Brewery Has The Best Beer? [POLL]
Now that the Accomplice Beer Company is officially brewing their own beer in the historic Cheyenne Depot, we want to know, which local watering hole is serving up the best craft beer in the Capital City?
The taps at Accomplice now feature 10 locally produced beers, ranging from the sweet "Pi…
Who Partied Harder? Cheyenne 1870 vs. Cheyenne 2016
Wyoming's Capital City is well known for its rowdy and rambunctious past.
What began as a "tent city" when the railroad arrived in 1867 quickly became a haven for saloons, gambling halls and houses of ill repute. Were it not for whiskey, faro and wild women, Cheyenne probably w…
5 Cheyenne Bars Where Your Parents Partied
Have you heard any of those uncomfortable stories about your parents partying at bars?
Believe it or not, if they hadn't been playing around in some of Cheyenne's finest drinking establishments you may not be here today. 
Five Businesses That Cheyenne Needs
Here in Cheyenne, we have the best of both worlds; a small town that's close to big city amenities.
We can drive to Denver to see a game, concert or catch a flight, but we don't have to deal with the traffic, crime and outrageous cost of living...