LOOK: Wyoming Approved to Sell New Beer That’s Illegal in 15 States
Samuel Adams is releasing a new beer in October that has an alcohol content that's been deemed illegal to sell in 15 states and thanks to to the lack of regulation on the amount of alcohol in beer to be sold in Wyoming, beer drinkers in our state will have access to the new expensive brew.
Is This the Longest Beer Line in Cheyenne History?
This past weekend, there was a ton of stuff happening in downtown Cheyenne! One of those events took place Saturday night (July 17th) as the West Edge Collective hosted a free concert with Coolio and Rob Base. At the event, I experienced a strange anomaly that will go down as one of the longest beer…
Wellington, CO Brewfest is a Go For 2021!
Things that we all missed in 2020 are starting to make their return and one is on the way. Wellington Brewfest will make its return on June 5th this year at Centennial Park in Downtown Wellington, CO.

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