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Time To TreeCycle This Saturday
Keep your trees out of the trash and recycle. Cheyenne Boy Scouts will be collecting natural Christmas Trees this Saturday for recycling. Just strip it of lights, ornaments, tinsel and any nails or wire, and have it out on the curb by 6:30am...
Boy Scout Troop Looking for New Home
The Boys Scouts of America also is facing criticism from some gay rights supporters because the organization continues to exclude openly gay troop leaders.
Being True Scouts
At Wednesday's Pancake Breakfast, a woman came up and asked for assistance for her elderly mother who could only walk slowly and would find it difficult to stand in line. These scouts were more than happy to help her across the street and then served her breakfast, so she wouldn't have to …
Cheyenne Boy Scouts Will Pick Up Christmas Trees on Saturday
Have you taken down your Christmas decorations yet?
If you have a Christmas tree to dispose of, the Cheyenne Boy Scouts annual tree pick up is Saturday, January 5.
Trees to be picked up should be placed on the front curb by 6:30 a.m. and must be free of tinsel, wire, nails, ornaments, plastic bags and…
Boy Scouts Sporting Full Beards Are Kind of Creepy [PHOTOS]
The purpose of the new series of print ads from Boy Scouts of America is to convey how scouting skills can transform youngsters from boys into full-bearded men.
However, there is something unsettling about seeing beards that would make Kimbo Slice or Zach Galifianakis jealous on the faces of boys sti…