Clowns in Wyoming

Every Day is Halloween For Wyoming Juggalos
This year's Halloween season was marred by threats from creepy clowns across the country, including several clown sightings here in Wyoming.
For the small, but loyal, group of Wyoming Juggalos, anti-clown hysteria is nothing new.
Juggalo is a term used describe fans of the hardcore hip-hop group …
'Clown Lives Matter' March Could Be Coming to Wyoming
Just when you thought the creepy clown hysteria couldn't possibly get any more ridiculous, a online group called "Clown Lives Matter" is planning a protest march in Tuscon, Arizona next week.
The newly formed group is encouraging the public to show up dressed in clown mask…
Wyoming's Five Most Harmless Clowns
In spite of the 'creepy clown hysteria' spreading across Wyoming this week, not all clowns are terrifying.
Here's five completely harmless clowns from right here in the Cowboy State.
1. Rodeo Clowns - As scary as some clowns can be for many, most people in Wyoming have affection fo…
Creepy Clown Terrorizes Northern Colorado Neighborhoods
Thousands of Denver-area residents have been terrorized recently by a creepy late-night visitor.
A clown wearing a white suit and carrying baloons has been spotted walking down the street after dark in several different neighborhoods during the month of September...
Wyoming's Five Creepiest Clowns
If you are afraid of clowns, you are not alone. It's estimated that 12% of all Americans suffer from Coulrophobia, a specific fear associated with clowns.
Just to creep you out, here are five of the most terrifying clowns in Wyoming.