This Couple Didn’t Realize They Had A Visitor On Their Porch
Some videos you see on the internet and think those people are so darn lucky. This video gave me that exact feeling when I saw it for the first time, it also reminded me how happy I am to live on the 3rd floor. I'll take annoying pigeons any day of the week compared to a bear chilling on my por…
Couple Singing To Gas Pump Goes Viral
This Tonight Show bit cracked us up...Who would have thought you could have such a good time gassing up?
The guy is SO good it seems planned, but the wife's reaction seems real...what do you think?
The Couple That Works Out Together
If it's true that couples mirror each other's health habits, then it makes sense for one of you to kick-start that workout routine! offers reasons why you should exercise together.  Among them: