Creed Reviews "Creed"
Funny Or Die has a great new video where Scott Stapp from Creed reviews the movie "Creed".  He gives it "four arms wide open" . . . even though it's all about boxing and has no epic guitar solos on a mountaintop.
I give the review 3 out of 5 chuckles
Scott Stapp's - Fall Into Hell
Singer Scott Stapp was on "The Dr. Oz Show" last week . . . talking about his struggle with addiction, and his nightmare mental breakdown last year.  Apparently, he’s on the road to recovery and he wants to record with CREED again. …
Creed Singer Speaks Out
Scott Stapp has revealed the larger issues to blame for last year's very public meltdown, saying he's "lucky to be alive" after descending into illicit drug use.