Curt Gowdy

The Voice of the Cowboys
With all due respect to Curt Gowdy and Dave Walsh, who are legends in their own right, Larry Birleffi is the greatest sportscaster in Wyoming history.
This week, Birleffi, who passed away in 2008, would have celebrated his 101st birthday...
WYO's Walk of Fame
Wyoming is spectacular, but it is the people who make it great. We wanted to find the people with the biggest impact on the state from each county in Wyoming.
Wyoming Native Son Remembered
95 years ago today, he was born in Green River Wyoming to a Union Pacific worker. Curt Gowdy arrived in Cheyenne at the age of 6. He exceeded in Cheyenne high school sports and at the University of Wyoming in Laramie. He wanted to be a fighter pilot but a ruptured disc shot down that plan...