Any Better Drummer Than “The Professor?”
Happy 63rd Birthday to the amazing drummer and lyricist for RUSH, Neil Peart.
All due respect to Stewart Copeland, Keith Moon, John Bonham and early innovators Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich, is there now or has there ever been better?
My vote and birthday wishes go to Neil...
Aerosmith Drummer Got Burned
This time the drummer got burned for real.
It was 17 years ago today that Joey Kramer was gassing up his Ferrari convertible just south of his home in Boston, Massachusetts, when a leaky gas hose triggered a fire that destroyed his car and burned the drummer’s leg, arms and hands...
Her Drummer Is About To Steal The Show [VIDEO]
Always give your best? Well, that may include restraint. This Korean drummer goes over the top while backing a singer performing My Way. He does it his way.
It went viral a year ago, getting over 1.5 million views, now it's rising again...