Neil Peart’s “New” Drums 1,500 Years Old
When Rush performs in Denver this July, you will see and hear a master playing drums that were fifteen-hundred years in the making. Neil Peart’s drums for the upcoming R40 tour have an amazing story to tell, that even non-drummers can appreciate...
Wanna Be His Roadie?
This 813 piece drum kit weighs in at 2½ tons and is the biggest kit anywhere, ever.
Going by the name RevM, Mark Temperato keeps the set at the church he works at and says he likes to use the drums to worship God.
-Psalms 98:4, “Make a joyful noise unto the lord,” in…
Man Sets World Record With 813-Piece Drum Set
Mark Temperato's drum kit weighs two-and-a-half tons and includes 813 individually assembled pieces that the Lakeville, N.Y., resident can reach without taking a step. That's a world record, according to the folks at Guinness, who know about such things.