Wyoming’s Favorite Drunk Fast Food
Everyone has their go-to fast food that they know will hit the spot after they have a had a few drinks. Of course, if you're ever in an inebriated state, pretty much any food will but it's nice to have preferences. So what's Wyoming's favorite drunken fast food to devour?
Fan Collapses On Stage at Stone Temple Pilots Show [VIDEO]
In all the years performing with Scott Weiland, the other members of Stone Temple Pilots have gotten accustomed to having at least one hammered drunk guy onstage. But, now with Scott out of the picture, the fans are taking it upon themselves to fill that void. At a recent show in North Carolina, a f…
Watch Drunken Idiot Skateboard
People amaze me when they drink and then try to do difficult things. This one involves traffic and possible mangling and death. He got off lucky.
Check out this short video.
Impaired Driving Will Cost You
It’s party season and I’m fine with people partying, until they get behind the wheel. Too many people are killed and injured each year because some idiot had to get their buzz on. My opinion is Darwinian. Wrap your car around a tree and die, gee, that’…