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Fantasy Football Moves to Make for Week 15 – Playoff Matchups
It is the second week of playoffs for many fantasy football leagues and at this point, the toughest decision for some of you may be what moves to make depending on your player's matchups. But if there is a player you need to add to put you over the top, you've come to right place.
Emergency Moves to Make in Fantasy Football for Week 11
Another fantasy football for this week? Yes! Why? Because after what happened today, it's definitely needed if you want some help to make this year's fantasy playoffs. Did I just paraphrase the Terminator's, "Come with me if you want to live", yes, but your fantasy team will…
Fantasy Football Moves For Week 11 – The Final Stretch
It is getting very late in the fantasy football season for every team out there and we all know there's been plenty of injuries that have ravaged some teams, while others are just trying to sneak past the bye week for some key players. We've got you covered this week on the waiver wire.
Fantasy Football Moves to Make When Covid-19 Affects Your Team
Let's be upfront about something, it's horrible when anyone tests positive for Covid-19 no matter what the case. It's very serious and no one is taking that lightly. This week was the first in the young NFL season when it's affected scheduling and the teams have to physically pre…
Fantasy Football Pro Tip: Don’t Take a QB First in a PPR League
By now, you've probably had your fantasy football drafts and you're ready for the season to start this Thursday night. But for future reference, it's important to remember the difference between a normal fantasy football league and what's known as a PPR (points-per-reception) lea…