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Wyoming’s Favorite Drunk Fast Food
Everyone has their go-to fast food that they know will hit the spot after they have a had a few drinks. Of course, if you're ever in an inebriated state, pretty much any food will but it's nice to have preferences. So what's Wyoming's favorite drunken fast food to devour?
Here Is The Most Popular Drive-Thru in Wyoming
My thinking on this subject definitely shows my age, because my definition of a drive-thru differs a bit from the conventional mode of thinking. Maybe that's why I was somewhat shocked to find out that Starbucks is by far the most popular drive-thru in America...
What is Wyoming’s Most Hated Fast Food Chain?
Seeing as how it's still 2020 for the many hours, it's kind of left us lashing out at all the things we didn't really like about everything in general, including fast food. While everyone definitely has their personal preferences, we now know what the most hated fast food ch…

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