Father's Day

12 Songs For Father’s Day
That’s my Father, and yes he’s missing his right arm. He died the first day I was on the radio. Knew I was born to be a killer on the air. (Too soon?) And that’s me front left.
While Mother’s Day seems to be largely about unconditi…
Fathers Day 'Winner' Revealed
Of all the days to get charged with child neglect, this might be the worst.
A 28-year-old guy in Florida was busted for leaving his three kids alone in a park to go swimming. . . on FATHER'S DAY.
People noticed the kids by themselves and called the police...
Happy Father's Day, Dads!
Happy Father's Day to all of the Dad's out there this weekend. Some of the KING FM staff paid tribute to their Pop's recently, take a look at the video.
What Dads REALLY Want For Father's Day
If you're a dad, chances are you're getting some ties, socks and, if you're lucky, a sweet "No. 1 Dad" mug this Sunday. But what do you REALLY want? According to dads on the Internet, the wish list is pretty simple.
According to dads on Reddit, here's what they really want this Father's Day…
Funny Texts From Dads for Father’s Day
Good ol' dad. You wouldn't exist if not for him. But that's not all that makes dads great. Let's not forget their penchant for terrible jokes. Combine that with technology, and you've got some text treasures on your hands. Here's just a smattering of ridiculous dad text…

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