Wyoming is Not As Afraid of the Dark As Most States
Perhaps before Halloween would have been a more operative time to compile this stat given the nature of its content, but it's also never a bad time to learn just how much you and your state are afraid of the dark. In Wyoming, not so much.
Wyoming's Worst Fear
It has been said that everyone is scared of something. Cowboy State residents have spoken up about their fears.
Of the Wyomingites polled, almost 22% claimed their biggest fear was spiders. Fear of snakes came in second at just above 20%, with fear of heights coming in third with 14...
What Are Wyomingites Biggest Phobias? [POLL]
We all have fear of something. Some people may even categorize them as "irrational fears", but that still doesn't make it any easier to handle on a personal note.
Whether it's a fear of spiders, snakes, clowns or enclosed spaces, chances are, there's a clinically…