Grateful Memory

Your First Car
What was your first ever vehicle?
The first car I ever owned was a canary yellow Ford Maverick and last week I saw the same car parked at Buck's Auto Repair on East Lincolnway in Cheyenne.
Where Were You on July 20, 1969?
Do you remember what you were doing on July 20, 1969?
If you were around 45 years ago today, you probably were watching the black and white pictures from the moon as Neil Armstrong made the first footprint on the surface with NASA's Apollo 11 mission.
Grateful Memories of McCormick Jr High’s Kickball Field
Do you remember playing kickball at McCormick Jr. High in downtown Cheyenne?
While I was filling in for Chuck this afternoon, I was hearing the jackhammers, front end loaders and dump trucks working down the street hauling away pavement from the parking lot of the Emerson Building, the former McCormi…
Grateful Mike’s Favorite Christmas Memory
What's your favorite toy you ever received as a Christmas gift?
Mine would have to be my Tudor NFL Electric Football Game! I had asked Santa for several years to please bring me an electric football game and finally after the third year of pleading, my wish came true.
Tell Us Your Favorite Blizzard Story
Have you survived a Spring blizzard?
Tell us your favorite story of making it through a big storm. Who knows, maybe part of your story will be a good lesson for someone out there to help them survive in a blizzard.
As I write this, Cheyenne has received about 2 inches of snow from this Arctic blast b…

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