Bikers Clean JanisJoplins Crib
With the release of the new documentary; Janis: Little Girl Blue,"´comes a story from her last boyfriend David Niehaus, about the time five Hell's Angels crashed their place one night and started eating all their food.  David was scared because they had guns ...
B.D. Boy Bill Gates Is 60
Interior Design Magazine
Bill Gates is 60 today. 60 years old, and what does he have to show for his life? There’s where he lives. His modest $123M home covers a mere 66,000 square feet.  All the floors are heated, and so is his driveway that leads to garages that can h…
These Things Will Keep a Man at Home
As guys we tend to furnish our home more and more with modern conveniences; so there are fewer and fewer reasons for us to ever leave home. Why go out when you're living in heaven, right?