Have You Filed Your Taxes Yet??
In case you forgot, your 2013 federal tax return is due next Tuesday, April 15th. Oh, were you hoping to skip over that day on the calendar? (It's also might as well find those two birds now...).
Will Jesus Help Tebow With IRS?
Now that Tim Tebow is associated with the Patriots, he'll have to deal with the IRS. Funny stuff Jay.
Not so funny, even though Jay consistently wins the late night ratings war, he's still the one getting fired. And...
Tax Errors To Avoid
Tax day is coming up and if you have procrastinated to this point, be sure and take the time to limit mistakes that could happen as the deadline approaches. April 15 is the deadline to file your 2012 tax return and the IRS says if you haven't filed yet, take your time because a mistake may dela…
IRS Warns of Common Tax Mistakes
A spokeswoman for the Internal Revenue Service says there are some common tax mistakes that can delay the processing of your return--and delay your refund if you have one coming.
Karen Connelly with the agency's Denver office says one of the most prevalent problems with tax returns is incorrect …
How Do You Do Your Taxes? [POLL]
It's that time of year where people are planning vacations, purchasing large items, or sweating April's tax time!
Have you seen that commercial where the guy comes home to find his tax adviser fixing his kitchen sink? I can relate...