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Laugh At Story Of Jessie's Girl
Rick Springfield shared a hilarious behind the scenes story of his hit song 'Jessie's Girl' with Jimmy Kimmel that is a hoot!
Worth checking out as a daily distraction, to lighten your day.
Ice Cube's Body Wash Prob
Actor and rap legend Ice Cube can be pretty intense -- it's part of his charm, really! -- and his signature angry face and enraged voice only add to the laughs in this week's '22 Jump Street.' (Yes, pretty much just like they did with 2012's '21 Jump Street'). Cube…
Spelling Champs vs. Jimmy Kimmel
Every year, Jimmy Kimmel invites the Scripps Spelling Bee champion on to his show for a star-studded face-off to see if the late-night host can take down the newly crowned kids.
Jimmy Kimmel’s “Tweeter Totter” Game Is So Evil
You know what? Jimmy Kimmel has some weird ideas for fun celebrity games and manipulating social media. Okay, Jimmy Fallon? You don't have the corner on this market! In a wickedly clever combination of embarrassing celeb game and social media wackiness, Kimmel rolled out his "Twee…
"Because the best pants are no pants at all!"
"Because the best pants are no pants at all!"
Last night on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live,’ host Jimmy Kimmel unveiled Lululemon's new (fake) product – spray on yoga pants. You can wear them everywhere! At all times! Seriously! (Maybe not?)

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