Meet the Wyoming Willy Wonka From Meeteetse
Meeteetse Wyoming has been blessed with a chocolatier who has traveled around the world to learn everything he can to make some pretty incredible treats. He's even gone as far as mixing in beers from local breweries into his chocolate.
Which Historic Wyoming Saloon Has The Most Bullet Holes?
There are many legendary saloons here in the Cowboy State. Some of them even have a few bullet holes behind the bar.
Amazingly, one of Wyoming's most historic watering holes proudly boasts 56 bullet holes in its building.
Since 1893, the Cowboy Bar and Outlaw Cafe has hosted thirsty gunsling…
Wyoming City The Hardest To Spell In The US? REALLY?
Worse than Vedauwoo? No, it can’t be.
A new study found the hardest American city to spell is:
Meeteetse,Wyoming. (It's pronounced "Muh-TEET-see")
An Ipsos survey, these are theU.S.cities ranked by the percentage misspelled:
Meeteetse, WY – Misspelled by 70% of respondents
Kaumalapau,HI– Missp…