Midtown Tavern

Change Agents Playing The Midtown Tavern Tonight at 7 [AUDIO]
Searching for the pre-blizzard party? Look no further than The Midtown Tavern, also known as Anderson's Other Corner, at 1303 East Pershing Boulevard.
The Change Agents are playing tonight, March 8, starting at 7 and if you heard them on KING FM you know they have a wide variety of songs to ente…
Another Perfect Circus Jam at The Midtown Tavern Tonight
Want to have some affordable fun on a Friday night? Another Perfect Circus play for free at the Midtown Tavern beginning at 8 p.m.
The Midtown Tavern is also known as Anderson's Other Corner at 1303 East Pershing Boulevard in Cheyenne and hosts live music each Friday night. They are also sponsoring o…