WYO's Secret Moon
America's truck drivers usually have some good tales from the road, some creepier than others. And, we came across one from Wyoming, that is just plain odd.
Wyoming Sky Features Harvest Moon
The Harvest Moon is the full moon nearest the beginning of the autumnal equinox and it goes hand in hand with the change of seasons. Friday night’s nearly full moon will be visible each night through the weekend, barring pesky clouds says USATODAY...
Where Were You on July 20, 1969?
Do you remember what you were doing on July 20, 1969?
If you were around 45 years ago today, you probably were watching the black and white pictures from the moon as Neil Armstrong made the first footprint on the surface with NASA's Apollo 11 mission.
What’s Your Favorite Harvest Moon Song?
Have you seen the Harvest Moon? Did it inspire a song to begin playing in your head? 'Shine on, shine on harvest moon...'
Throughout the history of music, our lunar neighbor has inspired countless songwriters to try to capture the beauty and meaning of this celestial relationship and put it…
Supermoon This Weekend Will Be The Year’s Biggest
Plane Flies Across The Moon (Dan Kitwood/Getty)Are you throwing a full moon party?
This weekend, the moon will be the closest to the Earth as it will get all year long, called perigee by Astonomers.
The full moon officially occurs at 9:35 MDT on Saturday night, so it's prime time to host a 'howlingly'…

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