northern lights

WYO Northern Lights?
On the heels of the eclipse of 2017, Wyoming has another reason to look up. The Northern Lights may be visible further south than usual for a couple of nights.
Northern Lights in Wyoming
Monday, July 17, if conditions are right, you can take a look at the Northern Lights, which are quite common,.. if you are far north of here. Take a peek.
Northern Lights in WYO
Be sure to watch for the northern lights if you are out and about during the late night and early morning hours this week as NOAA has issued a magnetic storm watch.
Aurora Borealis Visible
Have you ever caught a glimpse of the northern lights?
After a couple large solar flares erupted earlier this week, scientists are predicting spectacular views of the Aurora Borealis across much of the U.S. tonight including over Cheyenne.