Bat Kills WYO Woman
The 2015 Wyoming woman who died from a bat bite and was the first confirmed human rabies victim in Wyoming and may be the first human rabies death in the US since 2013.
Rabies Vaccinations Encouraged
To help Wyoming residents avoid a deadly disease for themselves, as well as for pets and livestock, the Wyoming Department of Health is asking pet and livestock owners to vaccinate their animals.
Rabies Heads Up For Your Pet
Wyoming State Veterinary Laboratory scientists are spreading the word and urging pet owners – especially those in Laramie and Goshen counties – to have their pets vaccinated against rabies.Virologist Myrna Miller says 41 out of 66 tests of animals from the two counties this year have been positive for rabies and “It is important for pet owners to vaccinate their pets against rabies, even if the an