This Couple Didn't Realize They Had A Visitor On Their Porch
Some videos you see on the internet and think those people are so darn lucky. This video gave me that exact feeling when I saw it for the first time, it also reminded me how happy I am to live on the 3rd floor. I'll take annoying pigeons any day of the week compared to a bear chilling on my por…
Killing A Rattlesnake In The Most Wyoming Fashion
We have all heard of hundreds of different ways to kill a rattlesnake. Some work pretty well especially if you're a fan of killing them from a distance. However, this dude has no interest in killing them from a distance. He wants to be up close and personal. ( Not recommended.)
This Is What A Scary Sound Looks Like
This instrument looks innocent enough, but it can send chills up your spine. When you watch a horror film, you will no doubt hear some sweetening to the audio track to enhance the video. To make it more ominous and scary, foley artists use all kinds of methods to bring up emotions...