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Taco Bell Won’t Stop Bringing Back Food and We’re Here For It
Taco Bell has slowly but surely been bringing back some awesome menu items and then have another coming as well. And no, it's not the Mexican Pizza, which by the way is overrated. All the same, we're all excited that we can soon get this menu item in southeast Wyoming very soon.
Taco Bell is Entering the Fried Chicken Sandwich Wars…Wait, What?
The 'fried chicken sandwich wars' have continued into 2021 as restaurants have continued to release their own chicken sandwiches hoping to have the next best thing, and now, Taco Bell is releasing their own, or at least their version of a chicken 'sandwich', which is actually a t…
Taco Bell May Serve Chicken Wings and Cheyenne Needs Them Now
Taco Bell is testing a new menu item in one of their California markets and it couldn't sound more appetizing because it's chicken wings! Who in their right mind would not be down for some wings from Taco Bell? It sounds amazing and we can only hope that they eventually come to Cheyenne.

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