Towns in Wyoming

WYO's Most Patriotic Town
Wyoming is one of the most patriotic places in the country. Here in the Cowboy State, we love our country, support our soldiers and respect our veterans.
In fact, there's an entire town in Wyoming that was founded specifically for veterans...
WYO's Lewdest Town
A national real estate website published a list this week naming the "The Lewdest Sounding Town Name in Each State".
Their choice for Wyoming's lewdest sounding city was Goshen Hole.
Although it definitely sounds lewd, Goshen Hole isn't technically a town; it's a valleā€¦
WYO's Best Nicknames
Here in the Cowboy State, we have our fair share of nicknames. For example, Casper is the Oil City, Cheyenne is the Capital City and Laramie is the self proclaimed "Gem City of the Plains".
Here's a few more of the best nicknames for towns here in Wyoming: