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What's Trending Thursday, Wyoming and Beyond
Oh, hey, it snowed today. That's not a trending story, but it's happening outside your window if you want to look. It's also ok if you're bundled up in blankets in bed, reading this underneath. I appreciate the read, either way.
What's Trending Wednesday, Wyoming and Beyond
Do you ever have random highlights of your week, they come and go so fast that you're a little disappointed they're already over? I'm that way with college basketball. My alma matter, Louisville, played last night, and I was really excited for it. Now, I'm just kind of coasting, …
What's Trending Tuesday, Wyoming And Beyond
For every day that we've made it smoothly into 2021, it feels like we get an imaginary badge of honor. I think things might be getting better. And, hey, yesterday was National Margarita Day, so that at least should have made things better!
What's Trending Monday, Wyoming And Beyond
I wasn't prepared for the wind to be this strong when I woke up today. I mean, are we ever really prepared for it? We just kind of grit and bear it. I feel like that scene in Twister where the cow flies by and then it flies by again.
What's Trending Thursday, Wyoming And Beyond
I'm thinking about getting an instapot. I think I've gotten as far as I can in my slow cooker life and need a new challenge. I hear you can cook a roast in half the time in one of those bad boys. Though, there's nothing like putting a pot roast in the slow cooker at 4am and getting ho…
What’s Trending Wednesday, Wyoming And Beyond
I finally finished re-watching Dexter last week. They should have stopped after the 4th or 5th season. That show sucked the last few. I am, however, ready for the new season that is supposed to drop this season, barring no setbacks, looking at you, Covid.
What's Trending Tuesday, Wyoming And Beyond
Anyone else ready to bust out their Bermuda shorts yesterday when it hit the 20s? Yeah, me, too. The sun was shining and it was a balmy 24 at one point if my thermometer didn't give up on life over the weekend. It'll be even warmer today, I may sun bathe. Or not. No one wants to see that.
What's Trending Monday, Wyoming And Beyond
I managed to thaw out from the weekend and make my way to work, so we've got that going for us. I shoveled my driveway yesterday, and when I came back in, I felt like that kid from the 90s Campbell Soup commercial where he eats the soup and thaws out from being a snowman to being a kid.
What's Trending Friday, Wyoming And Beyond
Fierce Freezing Fog, look at me, I'm using alliteration. That's what I woke up to. And it's really cold. I'm pretty sure we can all change from our sweat pants to long johns now. It's officially at that point in the winter.
What's Trending Thursday, Wyoming And Beyond
Was snow in the forecast for this morning? I don't recall seeing anything about having to knock a half inch of snow off my car this morning. I'm not saying it was bad, just, well, I didn't want to go outside earlier than I had to. Wyoming problems.

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