When is too Windy?
Most Wyomingites are pretty used to the wind. Whether it is just a "gentle breeze" or a full blown gale force gust, the wind is constantly blowing. How windy does it need to get outside for you to actually consider it "windy"?
Craziest Thing You Have Lost In Windy Wyoming? [POLL]
Understatement: Wyoming wind can be brutal.
Early March of 2017 saw some of the most intense winds Wyoming has seen in years. Highways have were shut down to high profile traffic and light trucks. Monday March sixth Douglas Wyoming asked people to just stay home...
Weather Will Blow You Away
Today's expected winds in SE Wyoming are triggering a High Wind Warning until 8:00 tonight. High profile vehicles should definitely pay attention to. And the Red Flag warnings are also up because of the increased fire danger.
Even if you got some rain over night where you are, that moisture has proba…