Cheyenne is 2nd Hardest Working City in the U.S.
In a new study, Cheyenne, Wyoming was found to be 2nd overall in the nation of the hardest working cities. If you're someone who has been putting in the extra time and effort at the office, you're hard work certainly seemed to show.
Wyoming Ranked As One of the Worst States to Work From Home In
In these strange times of uncertainty, our friends at WalletHub did some research to find out what the best and worst states to work from home are, seeing as how social distancing has the majority of the U.S. population doing so, aside from essential workers. Wyoming ranked pretty low on the list.
Helpful Resources in Wyoming During the Pandemic
Due to precautions taken to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, there are those that have been left with troubles concerning finances. It's important to note that Wyoming does have several resources available to help.

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