Wyoming anniversaries

WYO Stormchasers
Today marks a wild Wyoming weather anniversary. Eight years ago, on June 5, 2009, a tornado touched down in Goshen County, near the town of La Grange, Wyoming.
What made this particular twister remarkable was the footage captured by a group of storm chasers, who were able to get "inside&…
Infamous WYO Anniversary
April 21st marks an infamous anniversary. 146 years ago today, in 1871, John Boyer was the first man to be legally executed in Wyoming.
Prior to Boyer, several outlaws had met the end of the noose due to vigilante justice, but this was the first legal hanging ever carried out in the fledgling te…
68 Years Ago: Wyoming Legislature Outlaws Drunk Flying
This week marks one of the weirdest anniversaries on Wyoming history. 68 years ago, the Wyoming legislature made it illegal for pilots to operate commercial or recreational airplanes under the influence of alcohol.
In 1949, there were no federal laws governing drinking and flying...

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