Wyoming History

The WYO Coffee Ban
Due to repeated "violations of wartime rationing restrictions" in the area, the cities of Casper and Cheyenne temporarily outlawed the sale of coffee.
WYO's Most Famous Dog
Fort Bridger is one of Wyoming's most historic sites. Established as a trading post in 1842, it became a popular resting place for weary travelers on the Oregon, California, and Mormon Trails.
It's also the final resting place of Wyoming's most legendary dog, "Thornburgh&q…
July 10 Is Wyoming’s Birthday As A U.S. State
Wyoming celebrates another year of statehood today (July 10).
According to the website wyohistory.org, Wyoming's territorial delegate to congress, Joseph M. Carey, had proposed a statehood bill for Wyoming in March of that year.
There had been previous such proposals which had gone nowhere in Congress…

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