Wyoming Legends

New Movie Profiles Wyoming's Most Famous Madam [Trailer]
For over 60 years, Dell Burke was an institution in the town of Lusk, Wyoming.
From 1920 to 1978, Burke owned and operated the most famous brothel in the Cowboy State, The Yellow Hotel.
Burke arrived in the bustling mining boom town in 1919 after authorities in Casper had shut down her business in the…
The Legend of Wyoming's 'Lost Cabin' Gold Mine
For nearly two centuries, treasure hunters here in the Cowboy State have been searching for the Lost Cabin Mine.
Legend has it, in the summer of 1834, a group of Swedish miners were working in the Bighorn Mountains when they struck gold...
The Greatest Poker Game in Wyoming History
Of all the card games ever played in Wyoming, and there have been many, the stakes were never higher than a legendary poker game at a Douglas saloon in 1906.
George Pike came to Wyoming in the late 1880s after following a cattle drive north from Texas...
5 Weird Wyoming Urban Legends
What is an urban legend? Webster defines it as a story about an actual event or occurrence, that people believe to be true, but isn't. And trust me, Wyoming has them.
Wyoming Legends: The Tragic Tale of 'Cattle Kate'
The Johnson County War is one of the most infamous feuds in American history. Sadly, the legendary Wyoming Range War may have never happened if not for a woman called "Cattle Kate."
Over a century later, her story remains one of the most tragic tales in Wyoming history...

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