Wyoming State Museum

Warm Wyoming Winter Cancels Ice Festival
The downside to Wyoming's warm winter weather is the canceling of some of the fun things in life. For the second year in a row, The Wyoming State Museum will not be home to Ice Festival 2016.
Due to unseasonably warm weather and the extended forecast for continued mild temperatures, the Wyoming Divi…
Free Children/Family Activity
Celebrate Wyoming’s 125th birthday as you learn about our great state! Today, Saturday October 3rd, the first Saturday of each month, September – May at the Wyoming State Museum, 2301 Central Avenue in Cheyenne.
Family Days is a FREE program that provides children and their fami…
Gas Mask Returned!
What kind of weird things have you found for sale on eBay?
Recently, a World War I gas mask that had been on display at the Wyoming State Museum was found up for sale on eBay, it has now been returned.

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