Quentin Tarantino has insisted he plans to direct just 10 films before retirement. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is his ninth. (Tarantino counts Kill Bill: Vol. 1 and 2 as a single film, since they were originally conceived as one massive epic that was eventually split into two parts.) So if Tarantino sticks to his word, it’s a perfect time to rank his entire filmography — because after one more movie, it really will be his entire filmography.

Although Tarantino has contributed to other movies (like the anthology Four Rooms and Robert Rodriguez’s Sin City, of which he directed a single scene), written a couple movies he didn’t direct (like True Romance), and even helmed a couple of episodes of television through the decades (His ER was really good!) we’re ranking just the movies that he considers part of that all-important filmography. (We ranked Kill Bill as two movies, though, since that’s how they were shown both in theaters and on home video, and it’s still nearly impossible for most people to see them as a single entity.)

Now that Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is opening in theaters, here’s every Tarantino movie ranked from worst to best:

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