Please tell me I'm not the only one getting this one.

Of all the things that technology can do for us these days, why can't it keep us away from these scams? More often than not, when my phone rings, it's not a friend or family member. No, no. It's a spam phone call.

And as if phone scams and emails weren't enough, we're getting the text message spam too.

I've had several come my way in the last few weeks asking me to vote in California's recall. Backstory: I grew up in California, but haven't lived there in over a decade. Yet, they still text me a few times a day asking me to vote one way or the other.

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I've also received texts in the past asking me to click a link to confirm my mailing address for packages I never ordered. Others have notified me of a big cash prize I've won and they just need to confirm some details at an included link. A few texts have just been links without any context at all.

But it's the latest text that has me scratching my head.

"Tienes un 50? Es Gustavo."

I've received this one several times from a few different numbers. Sometimes the person identifies as Gustavo and other times I'm just being solicited for the 50. One day I even received two calls, back to back, but no voicemail. Immediately after the second call, I get a text from the same number with the same message.

So, who is Gustavo and why does he want a 50 from me?

Do you know Gustavo? Is he really in need? Does he accept Bitcoin?

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