That's right, we're not afraid to get our hands dirty! Blue-collar, blue shirt, or blue cheese, we're getting down to the nitty-gritty more than most other cities across the country and that's something we can all hang our hard hats on.

According to a recent study by the website Wallethub, Cheyenne is the 6th most hardworking city in America. The best part is no one close to us regionally even came close on the list! Denver came in at number 17, over 10 slots after us! Come on, Colorado, get some dirt under your fingernails!

I know, this who story just feels like a great moment for Cheyenne to flex on everyone else, but a wise man once told me, if you can stunt, go ahead and stunt.

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Now, how did they come up with these numbers for us to flex with? Wallethub had this to say.

Some U.S. cities represent the strong work ethic that helped to build the world’s biggest economy better than others. In order to determine which cities outwork the rest of America, WalletHub compared the 116 largest cities across 11 key metrics. Our data set ranges from the employment rate to average weekly work hours to the share of workers with multiple jobs.

Now, I will say, Wyoming in general is one of the hardest-working states in America. So, these numbers really should reflect the state as a whole. This is THE STATE for getting things done. That's what we take pride in, so it's no surprise that the capital city is so highly rated.

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