You would think the folks at a website named Safewise would know their stuff about the safest places to take a family. Yellowstone Park in Wyoming gets their #1 ranking.

Safewise dug into their data on the safest destinations to take the kids. Did we Wyomingites know the national park with the lowest crime rate is Yellowstone? The Junior Ranger Program can keep kids busy. Also, Upper Basin Geyser Trail’s four mile boardwalk is wheelchair and stroller accessible.

Safewise adds a tip, “Sunset is a great time to visit the meadows around Yellowstone Lake, where wild animal herds often descend at dusk to graze.”

Well, doesn’t that fire up the imagination nicely? (And yes, about animals, they do advise keeping everyone in the car.)

After Yellowstone, the Safewise also rans:

  1. New York City  (No joke)
  2. San Diego  (Sea World, Safari Park, beaches)
  3. Anaheim  (Disneyland, Universal Studios)
  4. Hawaii  (Duh)
  5. Chicago  (Lakefront, Musems, Aquarium, Planetarium)
  6. Las Vegas  (Huh)
  7. Grand Canyon National Park (Mule Rides, Helicopter Tours)
  8. New Orleans (Streetcar Tour, City Parks, World Class Zoo)
  9. Washington DC (National Mall, Cherry Blossoms, History Everywhere)

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