Sunday, millions of pet lovers will gather in front of their televisions to watch the most adorable sporting event in the world, Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl XIII.

The annual event features puppies from shelters across the country competing for the presigious and highly coveted Lombarki Trophy.

To properly prepare you for the awesomeness of Puppy Bowl, we searched YouTube for the cutest puppies here in the Cowboy State.

Check out the 2017 Wyoming Puppy Bowl.

It doesn't get any cuter than this. A litter of eight pups dashing through the snow in the mountains.

This family of miniature Australian Shephards from Lovell, Wyoming, is adorable.

Since the Puppy Bowl is all about finding homes for shelter dogs, here's a group of homegrown foster pups.

These pups are a cross between chihuahua and rat terrier, or as their owners call them "Wyoming Ratchas"

These little blue heelers love life on their Wyoming ranch.

There are several breeders here in the Cowboy State, including this family that raises French Bulldogs.

As cute as they, those puppies grow up to become beloved family members. For the final play of the Wyoming Puppy Bowl, here's a family that adoped 5 abandoned wolves.




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